Our Top 4 Uplifting Marvel Movies to Help You In 2021

Our Top 4 Uplifting Marvel Movies to Help You In 2021

Despite the fact that the Covid-19 is still spreading through the world, pushing through is something that all heroes have to face at some point. 

Failing and learning from our mistakes is a part of life and especially when life is at it's hardest. Whether it's Captain America who never gives up in a fight or Spider-Man who has to carry on and become stronger after his Uncle Ben dies, they inspire us to keep going. Being at home more can be stressful but if you feel like you need help being able to keep pushing through here are the hero films I recommend to watch to help lift your spirit and help you feel like you are not alone. 

Guardians of the Galaxy
Most Marvel films bring back a lot of meaning to my life as it has been a part of my personal and work life since the MCU began. The 80's songs from Guardians are not only uplifting but I'm sure they bring back precious memories as much as they do for me. The humour, cast and characters reflect the comics and the constant struggle for the team to get along after being force to pull together reflects how I am sure a lot of families feel at the minute with the constant parent and child frustrations, juggling work and uncertainty of the current world.

Avengers Assemble
The Avengers team do have the similar struggles reflected in their teams efforts to get along but for me watching this film takes me back to before Thanos and the sadness that came with Avengers: Infinity Wars and the current pandemic. It takes me back to that moment when I had no worries and watched in wonder at the Avengers brought to life on screen, as I am sure many other fans did. 

Thor's personal journey in his origin movie, feeling that being worthy is being forceful, selfish and vane can reflect us all. Whether we feel we have to control our children, co-workers. We act without thinking of the consequences when we are angry or afraid. Thor's journey in this film shows that in life we have to be calmer, observe what's around us and not go looking for fights and look after the people we care about. Oh yes and I almost forgot seeing Tom Hiddleston play Loki for the first time just made this movies, bring on the Loki series this year!

Captain America
This is definitely one of my favourite Marvel movies as I love how Cap, despite his transformation from the Super Soldier Serum, desires to help others above himself, which is truly heart warming. We are currently going through the biggest disaster to spread through the globe since WW2. Although it is a different threat to humans, Caps ability to carry on despite the odds during the War which reflects how so many people carried on through the hardships of War, is inspiring to us all!

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