The Teams Favourite Batman Memorabilia

The Teams Favourite Batman Memorabilia

We thought we'd celebrate the up-coming Batman movie with our teams favourite memorabilia currently in our store. 

We have a great selection of framed signatures as well as comics, posters and artwork. The team here at World of Superheroes get to know all our products and obviously have their favourite pieces and with The Batman due to be released in less than a month we thought we'd share them!

George's Favourite- Batman Adventures - Mad Love first print 1994 FN

I'm a massive fan of the 90's cartoon era, it's so nostalgic for me watching the cartoons when I was younger plus this amazing cover includes my two favourite villains... i'm very tempted to own this myself! 😬 

Steve's & Alex's Favourite - VAL KILMER GRADED AND FRAMED COMIC.

I had to choose this. I love graded comics. I love Batman and am a big fan of Val Kilmer, the second best Batman ( after Keaton of course). Val Kilmer, who I was lucky enough to meet once at a film premier, is a nice guy and an underrated actor who is battling some tough health problems at the moment.
Godspeed for his recovery. - Steve 

I love this piece because I have a passion for slabbed comics anyway, plus I grew up with the val Kilmer Batman and everytime I look at this it brings back memories from my youth … and this version of the riddler is awesome - Alex

Holly's Favourite - Batman Sticker Signed by Bob Kane Framed

This for me is the ultimate frame to go in any Batman collectors room. With such a unique Batman frame which holds a drawing of the dynamic duo Batman and Robin and more exciting a Bob Kane signed classic Batman logo gold sticker. 

Batman 75th Anniversary AP by Patrick Connan Art Print Poster
I'm a sucker for alternate movie posters from the likes of Mondo and Vice Press, and this Batman 75th Anniversary print by Patrick Conan is definitely one of my favourites. The artwork is amazing, with the striking image of the Jokers face in a Batman mask framed with a reverse silhouette of Keaton's Batman and Nicholson's Jokers either side. The bat signal forms the logo on the batsuit too, a nice touch!