Top Five: X-Men Movie Scenes

Top Five: X-Men Movie Scenes

These are my favourite out of all the X-Men movie scenes including scenes from the Wolverine and Deadpool solo movies. The X-Men movie franchise is one my favourite movie universes, obviously we love everything Marvel here at

5. Quicksilver's Slow-Mo Run
I loved how they took on the tricky 'Future past' storyline that is a fan favourite for comic readers since it's release in 1981. Actually In 2001, fans voted the first issue of this storyline the 25th greatest Marvel comic. So one of it's scenes had to be in my top five. My favourite scene from the movie has to be when Quicksilver runs around the prison kitchen in slow motion.

4. X-FORCE Sky Diving Deaths
By far the best scene in Deadpool's sequel is when Deadpool's X-FORCE team sky dive from a plane to AC/DC's legendary Thunderstruck and all tragically and hilariously lost their lives apart from Domino. 

3. First Appearance of Wolverine
I always remember the first time we see Logan way back in 2000 in 'X-Men' when Rogue see's Wolverine in a cage fight. That scene introduced Hugh Jackman to the X-Men Universe on screen and definitely helped launch the franchise.

Despite the crappy first appearance of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, his solo movie didn't disappoint fans when it was released back in 2016. Ryan Reynolds finally got to play Wade Wilson as it was intended with gore, violence and a fudge load of laughs. I laughed so hard at the cinemas back on Valentines day 2016. The 12 Days of Deadpool over the Christmas period leading up to its release in February teasing the film is the best advertising ploy I've ever seen. My favourite scene does not include unicorns but a hilarious killing montage of the merc trying to find the man who tortured him, "Where's Francis?"

1. Death of Logan
Logan was the first time we got to see Wolverine allowed to unleash his powers in an R-Rated setting. The storyline was taken from one of Marvel's favourite comic series Old man Logan with the first issue released back in 2008. Although many points in the film hit me hard emotionally, the final scene where the un-killable Wolverine dies actually made me mourn as if losing a family member as it made me as a parent and a daughter connect with the characters fate and after watching him from his memorable first appearance through many different films, it made me feel very close to the character. This is why it's my favourite X-Men scene, I've never felt that high intense emotion at the cinema before or since and it's shows how perfect Hugh was to play Wolverine.

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