Top 5: Batman Films

Top 5: Batman Films

As I have said before we love our top 5's and with increasing news coming from the 2022 'The Batman' movie, we thought we'd choose our top 5 Batman movies that have been on the big screen so far. 

5. Justice League 2017.
It’s no Avengers but the film made a good fist of Batman pulling the team together. It introduces a little humour into the DC movieverse and has some great set pieces but I didn’t understand why Cyborg is in there instead of a more established character like Green Lantern.

Best bit; The team trying to subdue Superman when he awakens, especially where his eyes follow the Flash.

4. Batman The Movie 1966.
Adapted from the camp and colourful TV series, this movie is simply a joy. Bright, brash and unashamedly entertaining, it had the greatest cast of villains thus far assembled and a classic score.

Best bit: “Hand me down the shark repellent Bat spray”.

3. Batman V Superman. Dawn of Justice 2016.
I realise I’m the only person on Earth who likes this film but I don’t care. I had waited for half a century to see the Dark Knight meet the Man of Steel on screen and I loved it. It introduced Afflecks older and wiser Batman, the fabulous Gil Gadot as Wonder Woman and set the stage for the Justice League. Stirring Stuff.

Best bit: “Do you bleed?”


2. Batman 1989.
The best ever portrayal of both Batman and Bruce Wayne by Michael Keaton and surely Jack Nicholson’s Joker is the greatest screen villain, full stop. Tim Burton's gothic take on Batman was dark yet playful and sits perfectly between the colourful 60s Adam West and the gritty 21st Century Christian Bale.

Best bit: “I’m Batman.”

1. Batman Returns 1992.
From the score to the set design, from the costumes to the dialogue, this is not just a great superhero film, it is a great film. Filled with stellar performance from Keaton, Devito, Pfieffer and Walken, it delivers on every level.

Best bit. “I am Catwoman. Hear me roar.”


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