True Heroes Never Win If They Never Try

True Heroes Never Win If They Never Try

England took on Italy for the UEFA Euro 2020 last night, it was a very nail biting match that continued on to extra time and the inevitable penalties that determined the fate of the two exhausted teams. 

Italy won and England fans had to watch their beloved team admit defeat. The team had come a long way working hard, with ups and downs but despite their best efforts, someone else won. This outcome reminds me of so many hero stories in film and comics where it shows how people do fail and learn from mistakes. 

Superhero have been trying to teach young adults about respect, consequences and dealing with loss. From battling racism with X-Men comics back in the 1960's, Batman accepting the death of his parents to Marvel heroes dealing with their defeat after Thanos's victory in Avengers: Infinity Wars. Football is inevitably a game of win or lose, same as most things in life. You can often try your hardest and still lose, you should accept consequences but don't give up or lose hope. There are other opportunities and events in life were we win. 

Although I don't follow football myself, the true efforts and team work and hope that goes into football is inspiring to us all, especially to our youngest generation dealing with so much uncertainty in our current world! Heroes teach us you never win if you never try! 

Well done Boys!

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