WandaVision: Will it introduce X-MEN into the MCU?

WandaVision: Will it introduce X-MEN into the MCU?

Anyone who followed the films through Phase 1, 2 and 3 will have been as emotionally drained as I was when they were sat amazed and a little dead inside after learning how the Avengers and most of the MCU defeated Thanos. 

Despite the Avengers finally being free of Thanos' reign, the price they had to pay tied in well ending Phase three. Vision's humbling sacrifice to save the woman he loved as well as the Universe itself meant that this gave marvel an opportunity to extend the MCU as we know it.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting Wanda Vision, the first official Marvel series on Disney+ that would tie into the MCU Universe carrying on the romance of Vision and Wanda. Anyone familiar with the Marvel comics will know and will have guessed that Wanda aka Scarlet Witch will be controlling reality which will swap between the 'happy family' realties which keeps Vision alive and the real world. 

There are a lot of different angles Marvel could go with this series but one most likely will be using Wanda's chaos magic to change reality to introduce more Mutants into the MCU. As everyone knows 20th Century FOX have owned the X-MEN franchise for over 15 years but Disney has been slowly taking back the characters owned by FOX including Tom Holland's Spider-Man who was first introduced in Captain America: Civil War back in 2016. Going back to Wanda's reality, in the new trailer there is an unmistakable scene showing Wanda and Vision having twin babies, these two are almost definitely going to be William and Thomas who turn into Billy Kaplan and Tommy Shepherd who each develop mutant powers, Billy able to alter reality like Scarlet Witch and Tommy is able to run at super-speed like his uncle Quicksilver. There is a lot more information and back story that I won't go into because it gets very in depth and complicated but if it's true it could mean that Marvel might introduce other X-MEN characters in the future, maybe in Phase 5 as Marvel have already planned their up-coming Marvel films for Phase 4 including Eternals, Morbius Thor: Love and Thunder.

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