Marvel's Success of WandaVision and What's Next?

Posted by Holly Clarkson

The series came to an end when Disney+ released the final episode on Friday. The first series released exclusively on Disney+ which carries on the Marvel Universe after Avengers: Endgame. 

The series is based on the Marvel comic "House of M" by Brian Michael Bendis when Wanda creates alternative realities. In the series we follow Wanda and Vision through different decades with hints to other American comedies through the years. We learn by the end of the series what is reality and what is created by Wanda and we realise just how powerful her powers are and who she is. It's a well written series with an emotional rollercoaster which perfectly matches the Marvel movies we have seen so far. We see some lovely hints to the late Stan Lee during the series, it's nice that although he sadly can't star in the series and movies as Cameos that Marvel still respectfully includes him in the storylines he created. 

The series finale made fans anxious to see more of Wanda and Marvel have revealed that she will return to the Marvel Universe in Doctor Strange: Multiverse of Madness due to be released in cinemas if things start to become back to normal again on March 25th 2022.

Which will take the Marvel Universe in a Magical Multiverse direction!