Warner Bros Releasing 2021 Movies on Both HBO and Cinemas

Posted by Holly Clarkson

Warner Bros has announced that a lot of their up-coming 2021 movies will be released in cinemas and on HBO MAX.

Only recently we found out that, despite Director Patty Jenkins determination to not put the movie to stream, the decision was made that Warner Bros 'Wonder Woman 1984' would be available to watch on HBO MAX from Christmas Day. It seems as though 'Wonder Woman 1984' will be the first of many Warner Bros Blockbusters to be released in this way, including James Gunn's Suicide Squad reboot, The Matrix 4, Godzilla vs. Kong and many more. 

Apparently the movies will be released on HBO MAX for 30 Days but then viewers would have to go to the cinema to watch it or wait until its Official DVD or Download release. 

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