We’re back. Better, Bolder & Cooler than ever

We’re back. Better, Bolder & Cooler than ever

We’ve been away for a while, in stasis if you like. Like Captain America in the block of ice or Han Solo in Carbonite or Scotty in a transporter beam.

But now we’re back. Better, bolder and cooler than ever.

And this time it’s not just comics. This time we have amassed a cornucopia of the most exciting, unique, unusual and amazing superhero and sci-fi memorabilia ever offered for sale in one place. 

From vintage comics to signed collectables and from original art to unique hand made statues, we have a veritable vault full of treasure from the late 1930s to last week.

And there's more. We have just signed an exclusive deal with the man who has one of the biggest one-owner collections of superhero memorabilia in the world, half a century in the making, to be sold by World of Superheroes and no one else.

Get on board and own a piece of superhero history!

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