Wolverine, What Next?

Wolverine, What Next?

After Hugh Jackman poignantly bowed out in the excellent LOGAN movie, moves are afoot to cast the next Wolverine to appear in the Marvel universe, this time an actor who is somewhere near the right height.

At 6’3’ Jackman was a full foot taller than the original comic book mutant who first appeared in Incredible Hulk #187 as a member of Canadian super team Alpha Flight. The nicknames “short stuff” and “runt” couldn’t really be applied to the lanky, Aussie actor. As no known actor springs to mind it is likely to be a newcomer, rumours also abound that Wolverine will appear in the next Hulk movie, both share a raging temper and a healing factor which means they just keep coming.

The film may pay homage to the classic ULTIMATE VS HULK 6 issue mini series which saw the Hulk actually tear Wolverine in two, throwing the bottom half to the top of a mountain, so a PG rating would be unlikely.

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