Wonder Woman 1984 Rescheduled for June 2021

Wonder Woman 1984 Rescheduled for June 2021

It has been an awful year for everyone and the cinema industry is taking a hit with movie after movie release being rescheduled.

Warner Brothers' Wonder Woman 1984 recently rescheduled from October 2nd to December 25th; Christmas Day, which would have been a nice thing for fans to do over the Christmas holidays. However, recent reports have said it will be pushed back further to June 2021, due to most of Europe going into lockdown again and the rise in cases worldwide keeping cinemas shut or undesirable.

Personally, I think Warner Brothers and DC should release Wonder Woman 1984 on their DCUniverse.com which currently isn't accessible in the UK. However, the films director Patty Jenkins has recently reassured fans via twitter saying that a direct to streaming release isn't being discussed and they are still wanting the theatrical experience for Wonder Woman 1984.

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