25 Years of World Book Day

25 Years of World Book Day

What a week for book lovers, the 25th World Book Day today and The Batman is in cinemas from tomorrow (In the UK at least anyway).

World Book Day is such a fantastic day to encourage every age, not just children, to celebrate the imaginative and captivating world of books which opens our imaginations through story telling.

Although comics only came into the world during the early 20th century they have brought to life characters that could only be feasible through our own imaginations up until the last few decades. The movies based around these characters create a lot of money and interest but the original ideas and stories come from the incredibly inventive and creative writers and artists behind comics and books. We like so many other companies, collectors and fans base our lives and work around the amazing literature made by these gifted individuals and appreciate books every day and especially today. 

Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were the two who created so many of our favourite Marvel characters including Spider-Man, X-Men, The Avengers as well as their memorable villains. 

We have for sale a lot of signed memorabilia but this one is definitely something special which celebrates the life of the late Stan Lee. 

The Stan Lee Story Collector’s Edition signed by Stan Lee 823/1000
Hardcover in acrylic slipcase, 31.5 x 47 cm, 12.54 kg, 444 pages

This Giant-Size tome is an unparalleled account of the life and times of Stan “the Man” Lee, the Marvel Universe he built, and the creative passion that led him to pursuits beyond his earliest imaginings. Includes never-before-seen photographs, original comic art, and rare comic book facsimiles to trace Stan’s dizzying career and his unstoppable influence on pop culture worldwide.

Collector’s Edition 823 of 1,000 numbered copies, signed by Stan Lee.

Brand new in box.

With the Batman movie out tomorrow which will follow Batman through the ups and downs as Bruce Wayne and the Cape Crusader during his early days as Batman in Gotham. Bob Kane was an artist for the original Batman comics in the 1940s and we are lucky enough to have some specially signed stickers, comics, postcards and original sketches in our store. Here's a handful of our favourites:

Batman Comic 447 Signed by Bob Kane Framed


Batman Profile Large Sketch Signed by Bob Kane
£1, 200.00

For more information on any of our products in store please email our team at hero@worldofsuperheroes.com

We hope everyone enjoys World Book Day and take some time out to read a book yourself or share with others and get engrossed in another world.