You Wanna Play with Gambit? Pick a Comic!

You Wanna Play with Gambit? Pick a Comic!

Gambit has been a fan favourite with X-Men fans since his first appearance in the 90's X-Men comics. 

He was a late comer compared to the original characters like Beast, Storm, Cyclops and Jean Grey but yet his charismatic, cheeky kinetic energy card throwing has made him very popular among readers. I myself had a crush on him in the 90's TV series has a kid and was excited to hear his origin movie was in production. Since Marvel took back the rights from 20th Century Fox Marvel have been expanding the MCU via the multi-verse in it's recent Disney+ series What If...? and Spider-Man: No Way Home. 

It's safe to say that Gambit will be a hit as long as they get the casting right, it was originally going to be Channing Tatum but the spin-off origin movie got cancelled. We not sure if he will still play him in the MCU or not. 

We've got two very special slabbed comics starring Gambit. It's a rare thing but both issues are classed as the First Appearance of Gambit. Comic buffs will probably already know but for everyone else let me explain:

Chronologically, it's X-Men #266. That was definitely meant to be his first appearance, written by Chris Claremont, drawn by Mike Collins with a Jim Lee cover. However, Uncanny X-Men Annual #14 by Chris Claremont and Art Adams (Featuring his second appearance) was actually published first by mistake. 

Which do you think is the rightful First Appearance?

We have both in our store for anyone who loves their first appearances as much as we do!

The Uncanny X-Men Vol 1. #266 CGC 9.4 Slabbed Comic 1990 Cent copy
Meant to be his first but was published after Uncanny X-Men Annual #14

X-Men Annual #14 CGC 9.6 Slabbed Comic. 1990 Cent copy
1st appearance of Gambit (Remy LeBeau)

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